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GateWay Life - April 2020

To the GateWay family

Good Morning everybody. It is Tuesday the 24th March and I am sitting in my study looking out of the window. It is a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, a few birds have just flown gracefully passed the window but what is noticeable is the silence, there is no noise coming from the road. From my office everything seems peaceful, calm.

However, the facts are that the U.K. has been told to STAY AT HOME, gone is the asking, the imploring, we’ve moved up a grade! Life in the last week to 10 days has changed at an accelerated pace and all the changes can be alarming and overwhelming.

Just let me pause here and pray over you! “GOD let my brothers and sisters come into your presence right now and experience your Love that casts out all fear, your peace that is beyond their understanding and a joy in You from their salvation, I pray Psalm 91 over them, let them abide in you, come into and stay in your rest.”

God is good! This morning I read Haggai (again!) and I would encourage you to do likewise. I want to draw your attention specifically at this moment to Haggai 2: 6-9.

There is a shaking going on! We can see that everything that can be shaken is being shaken. Countries are being shaken, everything within them shaken, the health services, the network for distribution of food and medical equipment, employment and finance, schools …….. all aspects of our lives are being impacted. YET, not everything has changed, please remember, God remains the same, God’s word remains the same, HIS KINGDOM is unshakeable! Hallelujah.

A couple of words have been going around and around in my head the last while, RE-ALIGN, REST and ADVANCE.

I believe God is calling the church to get closer to Him in relationship, remove the superfluous from our lives, strip it back and see what is really important. A church waiting, seeking, crying out to be always full of the power of the Holy Spirit. A time of realigning, hitting the reset button so to speak.

Unfortunately, more people will die, this is harrowing. For us to stay stable, stay strong, be effective, we must have our feet planted on THE ROCK.

As we spend time with God, HE will teach you what to pray, how to pray, as you press in, HE will visit you like never before, so create that time and space for HIM.

Haggai 2:7 says “The nations will come to the DESIRE of All Nations”. At this time we will see salvation, expect it, pray for it.

Know that the prayers of righteous men and women have great effect! Pray big prayers.

The church office is closed – Sue is working from home.

We are trying to continue Streaming Services and keep you informed with what we are doing, though this might be week by week.

I have asked Life Group leaders to be ringing and keeping in touch, but please ring and encourage one another.

Thank you for your Prayers. Much love

Pastors Marty and Rebeca