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GateWay Life - July 2019

To the GateWay family

I remember leaving the Dental Surgery one day, it was a beautiful day and the opportunity to 'get away' early because my last three patients of the day, all from the same family hadn't shown up - seemed a godsend!

As I walked back to the car to head home, I felt a prompt which I knew was the Holy Spirit, 'go back'. I kept on walking to the car, I remember getting into the car and turning the key in the ignition and once again, that prompt of the Holy Spirit, 'go back'. I wanted to go home, so I just kept going…… when I got through the door at home I rang the dental surgery, 'go on, tell me, what happened', I said. The secretary explained there was a computer error and the patients had turned up 15 minutes late by our records but on time by their appointment cards! (you can imagine how happy the family were to have arrived and their dentist wasn't even present to attend them!)

I love the verse in Ephesians 2:10 (NKJV) "For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them."

For me it is a beautiful verse full of love, care, planning and purpose, which also assures me that God is watching over me and lining things up! Wow. God is in the details….. if I walk with HIM.

In the busyness of life, God still has good things lined up. God knows you must take the kids to school, He knows where you work, your routine and the things that need doing! But in all these things, God has nuggets of gold lined up for you to discover - His good works that you might walk in them.

I love talking to people face to face. When it comes to phones I generally say what needs to be said and then say goodbye! Even messages, texts and emails don't really convey the tone of voice, the sentiment or the heart behind the message!

However, the other day I felt 'that' prompt, "Sue, could you ring so and so please and see how they're getting along". It wasn't long before a prayer request pinged on my phone. I had a read and prayed but felt once again prompted by the Holy Spirit to make sure I visited. Rebeca had been making soup (her miracle mix!) and we decided to drop round with some soup. We had a great chat and were able to pray for several needs. The person we visited said, "you've come just at the right time".

We walked away knowing it had been a Holy Spirt set up!

A few days later we 'bumped' into them at Sainsbury's. We are in Sainsbury's once a year at most but had gone to pick up some Brazilian currency at the Money exchange. We were able to hear the testimony that after we prayed they were pain free for two days but now the pain was back!

We explained that we rarely come to Sainsbury's and how God had once again set this encounter up… so we prayed in Sainbury's (eyes open this time : - ).

The point is, even in our busyness God has things lined up for us to do - His good works. Be on the look out, don't worry if you miss them, we all do, but the more that you are sensitive to the Holy Spirit promptings, the more testimonies, the more your faith will arise, the greater your conversations with God will become!

Each day, is a new day, each day stay open to the adventure of life guided by the Holy Spirit.

Many of us want to do 'great' things for God. What can be greater than bringing His light, His love, His hope, His Kingdom to those around you?

God’s richest blessings

Pastors Marty & Rebeca