GRC Logo

GateWay Elim Church is an Elim Pentecostal Church that seeks to reach and share the good news about Jesus Christ with the people of Yate and the surrounding area. Our desire is to see many people experience the joy of having a personal relationship with Jesus and living according to His Word (the Bible).

What we believe

We fully support the foundational truths of the Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance.

Our history

The Church was founded in 1968 and has continually maintained a presence in Yate. In 1993, Pastor Paul and Miriam James became Leaders of the fellowship and together with the Elders have seen significant spiritual and numerical growth. In 2015, after 22 years of service Pastor Paul and Miriam James were called to a new fellowship in London and new Pastors Marty and Rebeca Davison were appointed in September 2015, to start in April 2016.

Our future

As a result of the numerical growth we are seeing, we have built a purpose-built Church complex in Station Road, Yate. This facility includes youth suites, classrooms, a kitchen, and a worship area.

Our Purpose

A centre of Word and Spirit, reaching the area, reaching the nation. To impact the North, South, East and West.

Our Vision

To initially see God establish a central body of 500 born again, Spirit filled believers.

Our Core Values

The following priorities reflect our concept of church and ministry:

1. The Purposes of God

This church family is seeking to reflect the heart of God by submitting to the Holy Spirit. We expect to experience and express His love, joy, peace and power in every area of our life together.

2. The People who will fulfil God's Purposes

We see our church as:

3. The Programmes necessary to motivate the People who fulfil God's Purposes.

We are committed to: