GateWay Life - November 2018

To the GateWay family

Praise God, God is good and all the time God is good!

In Romans 10:17 it says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. There is so much wisdom and truth to be gained from these few words. As we practice what God has instructed us specifically to do, as we are obedient to Him, faith arises in our lives. I love it when God keeps on repeating Himself to us. It shows how important the point is and how He wants us to understand it. Praise God for His patience, giving those like myself who can be a little hard of hearing the chance to hear it again!

Praise God, for His understanding of our fears and frailties as He continues to encourage us not to fear but to be strong and of good courage. To grow in God is to continue on His journey for us, staying dependent on Him and taking steps of faith, making ourselves vulnerable as we endeavour to trust His promptings and leadings.

God's desire is to bless us, abundance, success, and the recipe is so simple. To be saturated in His word, full of His word, meditating on it, day and night, living to put it into practice as a simple act of obedient faith, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

A key part of prayer is listening, not just asking God to bless our plans and our will but asking God what His plans are and what His will is!

In the Word and Prayer last month we have been on an exciting adventure as we have been implementing what God has told us to do. In my notes on Light and Darkness where we looked at Luke 6:36-38 I have written in colour "TO JUDGE, is a refusal to see the potential in God's creation. All made by God for a purpose. Our job is to prophesy into it". And in Word and Prayer we have been speaking life, dreaming His dreams, seeing the potential that He sees and speaking His words over and into the situations, circumstances and lives. What a privilege to be co-workers with Him.

I remember Jay Fallon saying "Time isn't your problem" in relation to living an intentional life for God. Time isn't the problem; it is a question of where your passion lies.

As we steadily approach Christmas often life seems to get busier and busier. I would encourage you and myself, guard your passion for Him, stay passionate, listen to what He is saying. As you go about your business, remember that HIS POWER is working in and through you and will bring transformation, will bring hope and will bring light wherever you walk in HIM, because of HIM for God's glory.

God's continued blessings

Pastors Marty & Rebeca

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