GateWay Life - April 2021

To the GateWay family

Wake up, wake up! As I came to, I was aware that I was being shaken, literally, by our daughter. Wake up dad, the alarms going! What alarm?

As my brain began to take in the information, I realised that it sounded like the smoke alarm. As I lay in bed, I instinctively began to register the delay between the shrill demanding shriek of the alarm. It sounds like the battery has gone, alert over! I was nearly off to sleep again! But Betchie was not having any of it, dad it’s in my bedroom, dad, get up!

I managed to swing my legs out of bed and read the clock on the bedside unit; it was 4:05am. I trudged up the stairs but it wasn’t the smoke alarm, it was the Carbon Monoxide alarm. Praise God there was a little ladder to stand on and after consulting YouTube, I managed to take the alarm off the ceiling and disengage the alarm!

That same day I urgently bought a new one as I still remembered hearing about the N.Ireland family who died because their Carbon Monoxide alarm wasn’t working and they had a gas leak! Alarms are important, we have them for a reason and when they are dysfunctional or broken the consequences can be catastrophic. Sometimes our alarms have been compromised, desensitised. There is an “alarming” verse in the bible where it talks about people’s conscience being seared.

As we walk with God and in sensitivity to His will and direction, we will get that alarm going off within. Often it is immediate - you shouldn’t have said what you said, you shouldn’t have driven as aggressively as you had….. the alarm of the Holy Spirit can be quite soft or even a loud trumpet sound.

As we come up to Easter, we begin to remember the steps and journey of Jesus to the cross, the pain that He suffered in our place that goes beyond what we can stir our mind to imagine or even contemplate. Jesus, hanging, flesh torn from His body, nails driven through hands and feet, naked, mocked .... for you, for me.

But not just so that our sins could be forgiven, oh no! So much more was achieved on that cross. The opening up of the potential for restoration, a relationship with our Heavenly Father, becoming a new creation, born again! When we receive Jesus as our Lord and Saviour we become born again, our spirit is born again, the old has gone the new has come. As we walk in God’s wonderful presence, as we reconcile to live by the directional voice of His Holy Spirit, dependent on the capacitating work of He that now lives within us, we are certainly aware that God’s desire is to transform us from Glory to Glory to reflect the character of His son!

An alarm is sounding in these days, it is clear and constant, it is getting louder, can you hear it? Don’t go back to sleep, don’t let your ears become accustomed to the sound so that it pales into the background and is heard no more. The alarm is a call, a call to the church not just to return to their first love but to recalibrate their lives to HIS. Make what is important to HIM, important to us, not just on a Sunday or when we are ‘involved’ in a church meeting, but as a way of life. Church is changing, can you hear the alarm? Changing so that we become a people that represent Him here and now, represent Him to those in need, those hurting, those in bondage, those afar off. Church is becoming about them, not us .... but the alarm is for us .... it’s time to change.

Let our prayer be:

“Lord have your way in me, do whatever you need to do, no matter how I react or respond, so that your will, your glory might work through my life”

God’s richest blessings

Pastors Marty and Rebeca

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Gateway Elim Church is an Elim Pentecostal Church that seeks to reach and share the good news about Jesus Christ with the people of Yate and the surrounding area. Our desire is to see many people experience the joy of having a personal relationship with Jesus and living according to His Word (the Bible).

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