GateWay Life - November 2019

To the GateWay family

As I sit and reflect a little on the year as I type the Pastor’s pen for November, I am in awe of the God that we love, we serve and desire to have deep intimacy with on a daily basis. Remembering Pastor Steve Ball’s message on ‘tree rot’, ‘heart rot’ and God’s desire to deal with the internal issues that stop us being all that we can be for HIM, which stop us producing fruit that remains for HIM, stop us from growing and being healthy and stop us from experiencing HIS Kingdom life in ours.

God is so wonderful; He knows what we need but still lets us decide. Often we just want to ‘get on’ with life, brush the issues under the carpet or run from them. To deal with those hidden problems means to swallow our pride, humble ourselves and make ourselves vulnerable, it definitely isn’t an easy step.

Yet God is so faithful even when we are not faithful, God is so patient even when we throw our hands in the air and raise a hallelujah (all very good, but if we’re just going round the same mountain again and again, we’re not taking ground) whilst trying to keep on keeping on in our own strength.

How fantastic to look back and see how God continues to pour out His mercy and Grace, revealing HIS love as we see answered prayer time and time again. Truly HE loves us as we grapple with trusting Him with every area of our lives… those areas where we have been hurt, suffered disappointment, rejection, unforgiveness, where resentment has festered, battered souls impacted by negative words and judgement passed, distorting our image of self.

Yet God refuses to give up, refuses to stop loving because HE sees who He made before the beginning of time, HE sees us how we will become as we reflect HIS glory all the more, being transformed into HIS image bit by bit.

Brothers, sisters, I urge you, place yourselves into the Potter’s hands once again, don’t run away, don’t hide away, you can trust in HIM. God will finish the good work that He has started in your life if you will come into HIS presence and surrender your will, your righteousness to HIM.

Let God raise you up Mighty Man and Woman of God, may His character be seen in and through your life, your faith, your words and actions.

HIS will be done, His Kingdom Come.

Pastors Marty and Rebeca

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