GateWay Life - January 2019

To the GateWay family

As we enter into 2019, many people will have taken the opportunity to make New Year resolutions. As I sat to write this Pastor's pen a question my dad would often ask came to mind.

"Do you know the time to pick a blackthorn stick?" Says you, "what is a blackthorn stick!"

Blackthorn is a member of the Prunus family, which includes many fruit trees like cherry, plum, and peach, it produces its own sort of fruit, a small blue/black berry containing a single hard stone.

The blackthorn is widely regarded as the ultimate wood for walking sticks; suitable pieces are hard to come by. In Ireland, it tends to grow in low, dense thickets which can be all but impenetrable with thorns growing every couple of inches along the stem. The blackthorn walking stick is one of the most popular walking sticks available and an authentic Irish blackthorn walking stick is regarded worldwide as a valuable possession.

When is the right time to pick a blackthorn stick, I hear you ask?

The answer is simple, when you see it, because if you don't pick it when you see it, it most likely won't be there when you return! You'll have missed the opportunity.

The word 'opportunity' comes from the Latin term 'opportunitas', which is composed of two other terms: 'ob', meaning "toward", and 'portus', meaning "port". This word came about in the realm of navigation, where sailors used the phrase 'ob portus' to denote the best combination of wind, current, and tide to sail to port. However, the only way to seize such weather conditions was if the vessel's captain had already sighted the port of destination. Knowing the weather conditions without knowing the destination was useless. Therefore, a ship was in a state of opportunitas when its captain had decided where to go and knew how to get there.

In Galatians 6 vs 9-10 it says "And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of the household of faith."

Here we find this word 'opportunity' again. 'Opportunity' in the Greek is 'Kairos' and might well be translated God's appointed time.

As we enter through the gates into a new year, let us have the sails of our hearts unfurled and ready for the wind of His spirit so that we don't fail to catch His divine appointed opportunities that will present themselves in 2019.

Be prepared, be expectant, be ready don't miss His opportunities for your life.

God's continued blessings

Pastors Marty & Rebeca

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